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With Videodesign, you have a point of contact for every type of video production. Regardless of whether it's an explainer video, image film, 360° video or virtual reality: We can offer you the whole range of videos.

Attractive volume discounts.

Especially when working on larger campaigns involving several explainer videos, economies of scale and bundling effects can be of interest. This is something we are happy to pass on to you in the form of volume discounts. Just ask, we will be happy to offer you tailored advice.

Quick turnarounds.

We understand: the briefing is today, but the deadline was actually yesterday. No problem for us! As a perfectly coordinated agency we can offer you transparent work processes, which allow for tight deadlines within just a few days.

Personal 360° consultation.

We are happy to pass on our expertise to you. With our 360° all-round consultation we can discuss your requirements and requests, and advise you on the best way to implement them. This means that you don't just get an explainer video, but can also benefit from a digital strategic consultation.

Excellence in design quality.

As a boutique agency we place only the highest value on the individuality of every single video. Just as your company is unique, so too is your video. Starting with the concept, moving through to style design and rounding off with an animated explainer video.

Reliable project management.

Our business finesse can be traced through every individual process step. The individual processes work in perfect harmony together, with all the precision of a Swiss clock. So you can rest assured that our project time plan is not just a plan, but also a promise.