Examples of screencasts.

Our screencasts can be used to explain the most diverse workflows.
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4 reasons for choosing a screencast.

Create added value.

Screencasts can be used to explain complex workflows and functions in software or online platforms. This means that you can create real added value and comprehensive service offering for your customers, which could be vital to their purchasing decision.

Cutting-edge handling.

These days nobody wants to be spending time reading pages of operating manuals. Interesting screencasts filled with great audiovisual elements and easy-to-understand instructions can demonstrate just how modern your product is. We’re on hand to help here.

Advertising for your product with screencasts.

Visitors to video portals such as YouTube today go in search of appealing screencasts to learn more about the layout or functions of a software programme. Give your future customers what they’re looking for, and extend your reach like never before.

Versatile format.

If you’re simply looking to briefly explain a software function, or you’re searching for a far-reaching advertising format for social networks, or you want to playback a webinar lasting several hours: Screencasts can be used in a number of different ways, and can really round off your software and product service.


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