Explainer videos for authorities and administration.

Great video communication can establish direct contact with your target group.
This is something we take on for you – skilfully and efficiently.
Giving you time for everything else.
Think of us as an extension of your workbench – there for you at any time.

Examples of explainer videos.


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We would be happy to advise you in greater detail during a free personal consultation on the possibilities of film production.

Administrative institutions love Videodesign.

Individual time planning.

Administration in particular involves a number of different stakeholders: the tasks are complex and require the interaction of several teams. The result: long decision-making paths. We take this into account and integrate all departments into our transparent time plan. Given that we also include all individual feedback in this way, a seamless workflow is guaranteed.

A fresh communications channel.

The administrative sector offers enormous potential for innovative explainer videos. We can bring refreshing ideas to your communication while combining all this with the necessary efficiency. Competent and target group appropriate.

Transparent cost efficiency.

Creating an explainer video or film production is done in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Our all-inclusive packages mean that you benefit from a transparent price policy while avoiding hidden costs. Thus allowing you to plan your resources reliably.

Structured project management.

Complex structures can create confusion in administration. Our explainer videos offer you the chance to distil complex topic areas, services or hierarchies down into an easy to understand format. You can enjoy unbounded application possibilities: regardless of whether it's cross-departmental staff communication or the public domain, we can unify your audiovisual communication.

Possible application areas for
administration and government authorities:

Federal administration

Federal Chancellery

District court


Construction law

Federal Statistical Office

County court


Fiscal law


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We will be happy to advise you as part of a personal consultation on the further details of producing explainer videos for administrative institutions.