Explainer videos for universities and colleges.

Education is a cornerstone of our enlightened society.
This goes hand-in-hand with transparent communication.
Our explainer videos for educational institutions can transmit your message to your target group in just the way you want it. Even with interactive elements or e-learning modules.
A certain vitality that gets pulses racing among potential and existing students and teaching professionals.


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Educational institutions love Videodesign.

Flexible project management.

The different remits within educational institutions are complex, and decision-making paths can often be quite long. We account for this in our work, and begin by establishing an individual and transparent time plan. This allows for any stakeholder feedback to be considered, while also ensuring a seamless problem-free workflow.

The highest quality.

Education is a valuable commodity. In order to develop explainer videos characterised by market-beating quality, we fulfil nothing less than the highest requirements - without over-complicating matters. We crystallise the essence of your wishes before supplementing them with our audiovisual communication expertise.

E-learning and blended learning

The days of one-way communication in explainer videos are over. We supplement your explainer videos with interactive elements such as surveys or quizzes. This is also how we tackle comprehensive e-learning programs with a learning management system.

Presentation of your competencies.

The potential to be harnessed with explainer videos knows no boundaries. Thanks to our academic background we can ensure an optimal knowledge transfer. This puts us in a position to break down your study programs into their key points, and help your target audience grasp the essentials with ease.

Modern image.

The sheer number of universities, technical colleges and educational institutions means that their success depends on standing out. Striking explainer videos or image films can help underscore your competitive capabilities and hammer home your individual benefits.

Example application areas for colleges and universities:

Education system

Bachelor study programs


Universities of applied sciences

Grammar schools

Apprenticeship system


Master study programs


Vocational schools

Secondary schools

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